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At J&C Auctions we strive to make every auction fit the needs of the customer. We specialize in on-site auctions such as liquidations, dispersals or downsizing. When you hire J&C we take care of everything from sale preparation to settlement and all that comes in between. A typical bid to do an on-site auction is all inclusive and commission based, the seller has no up front cost associated to them. For example if equipment needs to be fixed or cleaned up, we do that, not you!


Integrity is all we have in the auction business so we have worked very hard to develop inventory and accounting methods that are 100% transparent. Upon settlement the seller will receive a complete inventory of all items in the auction sale. Each item will be assigned a lot number that will be with that item for the duration of the auction process. As a seller you will be able to see a complete accounting of your items from a lot number, item description, buyer’s number, gross selling amount and the net to you on each item. Settlement of an on-site auction is within seven business days concluding your auction. At that time we issue payment to the seller from a trust account.

If you are thinking of having an auction please feel free to give us a call. We would be glad to come out and take a look and get to know you.


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