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April 5th

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Contract Auctioneering & Computer Tabulation

J&C Auctions has auctioneers and business associates that are willing and able to provide auctioneering services, bid spotting services and computer tabulation services on a contractual basis around the country. Our day rates are based on travel time, expenses and how long of a day we have ahead of us. We have auctioneers, bid spotters and clerks who will fit any auction based on experience and knowledge of what is being sold.


We are very lucky to have many great people who are involved with our company that are extremely professional in what they do. Our mission is to represent your firm the way you want it to be represented when you hire us on a contractual basis. Even though we all typically have on a cowboy hat and boots, we are more than willing to pull out tuxedos, sport jackets and dress shoes to actively represent you and your firm, just let us know!


When it comes to Jackson County community based benefit auctions or fund raising auctions, we believe in donating our time to causes that are close to us and causes that provide value to our local community. For example, we conduct Jr. Livestock Auctions in the local community and everyone involved is a volunteer from the auctioneers to the bid spotters and the clerks.

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